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Confidence & Grace is a mindset re-set course on getting clear on exactly what you want in order to create the life of your dreams and how to make it happen. It combines both spiritual and practical techniques. You will learn how to break through old, limiting beliefs and re-train your brain so that you become confident and clear in your life and business.

Hey, I’m Nina Ferreyra, Founder & Editor-in-Chief of 707AVE and your coach in #confidenceandgrace. In 2009, I started my own freelance graphic design business, but by 2014, I found myself swamped with projects and I knew something had to change. I didn’t want to be stuck at a computer 24/7. I wanted to finally start living my dreams and create a business that would help me do it. I have always been in love with fashion and thought I would start my own fashion magazine, 707AVE. Around the same time I started taking online business courses to help me figure out how to make money with it. I would take one course right after the other. Buying up every single course as if it would be the magic bullet on how to make my business profitable. No amount of business courses could help me as I would still find myself stuck and confused with half-completed projects to help me generate revenue. It wasn’t until I started working on my mindset and intuition until the answers started coming in and I started making more money than I ever had before. As I got clearer and confident in what I wanted, the answers and next steps were shown.